Innovative Risk Tolerance Assessment

Our risk tolerance questionnaire is designed to be simple, yet capture all of the relevant demographic and behavioral variables associated with investor risk tolerance.

ArcPoint deploys a "wisdom of the crowd" approach that measures the relative risk aversion factor of every investor— the key ingredient in building an optimal investment portfolio.

Optimal Portfolios

We use your risk tolerance score and other factors to build a highly customized portfolio. We construct 401(k), 403(b) and 529 plan portfolios using the menu of investment options available to you. Recommendations for IRA and other investment accounts are based on your choice of brokerage or mutual fund account provider.

ArcPoint combines algorithms with human expertise to make sophisticated projections about the long-term expected return and risk profile of your investment options. These insights allow us to provide regular portfolio recommendation updates to ensure that your investments respond to constantly changing financial markets.

Avoid the Dangers of Age-Based Investing!

Make sure you are investing the way that is best for YOU. Thanks to conventional wisdom, the money you've worked hard to save may be exposed to risks you didn't even know existed. The Hidden Dangers of Age-Based Investing is an e-book that uncovers the pitfalls of traditional investment approaches and provides a blueprint for successfully funding your needs and wants regardless of how many birthdays you've had.