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Know your clients even better,
show prospects the right way to invest.

ArcPoint Advisor combines robust risk tolerance assessment with leading-edge portfolio optimization techniques, giving the advisor the tools needed to give every client their one best portfolio.

Robust Risk Tolerance Assessment

Our risk tolerance questionnaire is designed to be simple, yet capture all of the relevant demographic and behavioral variables associated with investor risk tolerance.

ArcPoint deploys a "wisdom of the crowd" approach that measures the relative risk aversion factor of every investor— the key ingredient in building an optimal investment portfolio.

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Optimal ETF Portfolios

Use your client’s risk tolerance score to build a highly customized ETF portfolio. ArcPoint enables the advisor to construct a portfolio by choosing the mix of asset classes, ETF providers, special types of ETFs, and even allows inclusion of individual security and existing ETF and mutual fund holdings.

Many portfolio optimizers used by robo-advisory platforms and others are plagued by "garbage in, garbage out" — stale or faulty assumptions ensure that recommendations are anything but optimal. ArcPoint combines algorithms with human expertise to make sophisticated projections about the long-term expected return, risk and return correlation of each asset class.

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A Single Dashboard to Manage It All

Ensure that your client portfolios are always aligned with their risk tolerance. Get reminders on when to send an annual questionnaire to capture changes in client circumstances. Manage compliance needs by storing all of the important information related to your clients' situations and risk attitudes in one place.

Get Fiduciary Advice, Keep Portfolio Control

ArcPoint Advisor is part of Reason Investments, a New Jersey registered investment advisor. We proudly provide you with the same fiduciary advice that you deliver to your clients. See our Form ADV Part 2 for additional information on how we serve financial advisors.

You can use ArcPoint Advisor regardless of where your clients' assets are kept. And the use of ArcPoint does NOT require you to sacrifice any control over the management of client portfolios.